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Contribution Title and Authors
Energy dissipation, free and forced modes in dynamics of two classes of fractional order systems
Katica (Stevanovic) Hedrih *
Partial fractional order differential equations of transversal vibrations of an axially moving hybrid multi-belt system on the nonlocal theory
Katica (Stevanovic) Hedrih *
Vibrations of risers with consideration of hydrodynamic forces
Iwona Adamiec-Wójcik, Łukasz Drąg *, Stanisław Wojciech
Model of the dynamics of a knuckle-boom crane
Iwona Adamiec-Wójcik, Łukasz Drąg *, Kamil Nadratowski, Stanisław Wojciech
Optimal control applied to environmentally mediated infectious disease transmission models
Shohel Ahmed *, Sumaiya Rahman
Damping and dissipation relations
Adnan Akay * — Special session No. 1
Experimental observations on rotor-to-stator contact
Oliver Alber, Ulrich Ehehalt, Richard Markert *, Georg Wegener — Special session No. 1
Torsional vibration energy harvesting through transverse vibrations of a passively tuned beam
Panagiotis Alevras *, Stephanos Theodossiades, Homer Rahnejat, Tim Saunders
Nonlinear damping: modelling and experiments
Marco Amabili * — Keynote talk
Geometrically exact beam equations in the adaptive DCA-framework
Kurt S. Anderson *, Jeremy J. Laflin — Special session No. 1
Natutral oscillations of rectangular plates with holes: using Reissner’s approach
Igor V. Andrianov *, Jan Awrejcewicz, Alexander A. Diskovsky
A new method for finding soliton solutions of the nonlinear partial differential equations
Iosif E. Andrushkevich *, Alexander M. Krot
Modelling Coulomb friction by extended Filippov systems
Máté Antali *, Gábor Stépán
Computational approach for complete Lyapunov functions
Carlos Argáez *, Peter Giesl, Sigurdur Freyr Hafstein
Dynamics of train composition as a discrete non-homogeneous chain system
Ivana Atanasovska *, Marija Vukšić Popović, Dejan Momcilovic
Modal analysis of the hydro turbine shaft with cracks
Ivana Atanasovska *, Dejan Momcilovic, Marija Vukšić Popović
Review on the Cell Discretitation Method (C.D.M.)
Nicola Maria Auciello, Maria Anna De Rosa, Maria Lippiello, Stefania Tomasiello *
The pendulum dynamic analysis with DC motors and generators for sea waves energy harvesting
Rafael Avanço *, Angelo Tusset, Marcelo Suetake, Helio Navarro, José Balthazar, Airton Nabarrete
Gyroscopic forces and asymptotic stability for mechanical systems with partial energy dissipation
Jan Awrejcewicz, Nataliya Losyeva *, Volodymyr Puzyrov
Contact interaction of two-layer axially symmetric shells taking into account both geometric nonlinearity and contact interaction
Jan Awrejcewicz *, Vadim A. Krysko - jr., Irina V. Papkova
Nonlinear dynamics of inhomogeneous in two directions nano-beams with topologic optimal microstructure
Jan Awrejcewicz, Sergey P. Pavlov, Maxim V. Zhigalov, Vadim A. Krysko *
The theory of coupled deformation and temperature fields for three-layer nano-mechanical structures
Jan Awrejcewicz *, Tatyana V. Yakovleva, Vadim S. Kruzhilin, Svetlana A. Mitskevich, Vadim A. Krysko
Theory of size-dependent physically nonlinear Euler-Bernoulli beams in an aggressive medium with taking into account the coupling of temperature and deformation fields
Jan Awrejcewicz *, Ekaterina Y. Krylova, Vadim A. Krysko-jr., Anastasiya O. Sinichkina, Tatyana Y. Yakovleva
Theory of dimensionally dependent physically nonlinear Euler-Bernoulli beams in an aggressive medium with account of coupling of temperature and deformation fields
Jan Awrejcewicz *, Tatyana Y. Yakovleva, Ekaterina Y. Krylova, Anastasiya O. Sinichkina, Vadim A. Krysko - jr.
Dissipative dynamics of a geometrically nonlinear Bernouli-Euler beam under the action of a transverse load and color noises
Jan Awrejcewicz *, Nikolay P. Erofeev, Vitalyi Dobriyan, Vadim A. Krysko
Chaotic dynamics of geometrically nonlinear axiallysymmetric shells taking into account nano-scale parameters and coupling of temperature and deformation fields
Jan Awrejcewicz *, Irina V. Papkova, Vadim A. Krysko - jr.
Control of vibrations of multistorey buildings with use of passive dampers
Ersin Aydin, Baki Öztürk, Maciej Dutkiewicz *
Reliability analysis of retaining wall using seismic cone test data
Irena Baginska, Marek Wyjadlowski *
Symbolic dynamics of piecewise linear systems and its application to some mechanical systems with dry friction
Alexander Baikov *, Nikolay Kovalev
Weak instability and small oscillations of non-conservative mechanical systems under the action of quadratic dissipative forces
Alexander Baikov *
Vibration characteristics of FEUP new campus library building
Rui Barros *, Fabio Paiva, Manuel Braz-Cesar
Numerical and experimental analysis of crack detection system based on elastic waves propagation method
Marek Barski, Adam Stawiarski *
Variable structure systems with sliding modes
Andrzej Bartoszewicz * — Keynote talk
Generic bifurcations in thermodynamics by fractional continuum mechanics
Peter B. Beda *
Tracking control of a muscle-like actuated double pendulum
Carsten Behn *, Konrad Siedler
Gait transitions in artificial non-standard snake-like locomotion systems using adaptive control
Carsten Behn *, Jonas Kräml
Fractional calculus evaluation of hyaluronic acid cross-linking in a nanoscopic part of articular cartilage model system
Piotr Beldowski *, Piotr Weber, Adam Gadomski, Tristan De Leon, Wayne Augé
Reconstruction of motor force during stick balancing
László Bencsik *, Bálint Bodor, Tamás Insperger
Computation of periodic switching strategies for the optimal control of chemical reactors
Peter Benner, Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern, Alexander Zuyev *
Stokes' flow through a tube with wavy walls
Włodzimierz Bielski, Ryszard Wojnar *
A novel human "broomstick" forward fall model and its application in the strength analysis of the human upper extremity
Paweł Biesiacki *, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz
Nonlinear Quantum Theory
Bjorn Birnir *
Topological and measure-theoretical entropies of solenoid
Andrzej Bis * — Special session No. 6
The Sommerfeld effect in a single DOF spring-mass-damper system with non-ideal excitation
Alfa Bisoi *, Saurabh Kumar Bharti, Arun Kumar Samantaray, Ranjan Bhattacharyya
Lyapunov functions for almost sure exponential stability
Hjörtur Björnsson *, Sigurdur Hafstein
Control strategy in a case of a model based control of a parallel planar manipulator applied for rehabilitation
Krzysztof Bobrowski, Wiktoria Wojnicz, Krzysztof Lipinski *
Selected problems of nonholonomic mechanics
Alexey V. Borisov *, Yuri Karavaev — Keynote talk
Numerical analysis of dynamic stability of an isotropic plate by applying tools used in dynamics
Łukasz Borkowski *
Attractors in Rotation Theory
Jan Boronski * — Special session No. 6
Optimization of a semi-active fuzzy controller for seismic vibration reduction using a genetic algorithm
Manuel Braz César *, Rui Barros
Time-varying spectral submanifolds: Analytic calculation of backbone curves and forced responses of nonlinear mechanical systems
Thomas Breunung *, George Haller
The experimental determination of bearings dynamic coefficients in a wide range of rotational speeds, taking into account the resonant speed and speeds at which there was a phenomenon of hydrodynamic instability
Łukasz Breńkacz *, Grzegorz Żywica, Marta Drosińska-Komor, Natalia Szewczuk-Krypa
Analysis of the propagation of the vibration of the rail vehicle while driving with and without locomotive wheel slip
Rafał Burdzik *, Łukasz Konieczny, Bogusław Nowak, Jakub Młyńczak, Jacek Rozmus
Preliminary research and analysis on the possibility of using an acoustic wave as an information carrier on an approaching train
Rafał Burdzik *, Ireneusz Celiński
Comparative analysis of rail vibration structure in the aspect of identifying the excitation characteristics
Rafał Burdzik *, Bogusław Nowak, Jacek Rozmus
Nonlinear dynamics of external cavity semiconductor laser system with elements of a chaos
Vasily Buyadzhi *, Alexander Belodonov, Dmitry Mironenko, Anna Buyadzhi
New mathematical approach to numerical modelling dynamics of the industrial city’s atmospheric ventilation
Vasily Buyadzhi *, Olga Khetselius, Alexander Belodonov, Alexander Glushkov, Andrey Svinarenko
Jeffcott rotor bifurcation behaviour using different models of hydrodynamic bearings
Miroslav Byrtus *, Štěpán Dyk
Some developments in Symbolic Computational Dynamics
Matthew Cartmell *, Niloufar Motazedi — Keynote talk
The burden of the coinfection of HIV and TB in the presence of multi-drug resistant strains
Ana Carvalho, Carla M. A. Pinto * — Special session No. 5
Symmetry effects over synchronization resilience in complex networks of coupled oscillators
Helder L Casa Grande, Celso B. N. Freitas, Elbert E. Nehrer Macau *
Multi-layer composite coating technology for high damping mechanical structural applications
Giuseppe Catania, Stefano Amadori *
Suppression of aerothermal postbuckling and nonlinear flutter of composite laminated panels with time-dependent boundaries
Yuyang Chai *, Fengming Li
Passive control of a linear structure via nonlinear oscillators in series
Simon Charlemagne, Alireza Ture Savadkoohi, Claude Henri Lamarque *
Numerical and analytical investigation of dynamics of the FDM-printed circular thin plate
Bogumił Chiliński, Jarosław Mańkowski *
Analysis of possibility of using the controlled granular torsional vibration damper in powertrain systems
Bogumił Chiliński *, Robert Zalewski
Model based research on ICE engine powered by an alternative fuels
Adrian Chmielewski *, Robert Gumiński, Tomasz Mydłowski, Artur Małecki, Krzysztof Bogdziński
Model based research on electrochemical battery connected with 3 diodes model of PV module – selected properties
Adrian Chmielewski *, Robert Gumiński, Krzysztof Bogdziński, Przemysław Szulim, Jędrzej Mączak, Jakub Możaryn, Piotr Piórkowski
Experimental evaluation of Mathematical and Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Energy storage system
Adrian Chmielewski *, Jakub Możaryn, Robert Gumiński, Przemysław Szulim, Krzysztof Bogdziński
Parametric optimization in enumeration of alternative structures of mechanisms
Stefan Chwastek * — Special session No. 3
Dynamic load capacity of reinforced concrete deep beams with high-strength concrete
Waldemar Cichorski, Adam Stolarski *
Some value distribution and growth properties of solutions of Painleve and Riccati equations
Ewa Ciechanowicz * — Special session No. 3
Value distribution and growth of solutions of certain Painleve equations
Ewa Ciechanowicz *, Galina Filipuk * — Special session No. 3
Modeling, simulation and control of a pipe inspection mobile robot with an active adaptation system
Michał Ciszewski, Tomasz Buratowski, Mariusz Giegiel *
A bifurcation study and explanation of the Sommerfeld effect
Eoin Clerkin *, Rubens Sampaio
Bio-inspired energy control of an agricultural tree nursing station
João Coelho, Manuel Braz César *, José Gonçalves
Effect of anisotropy on surface wave attenuation through fluid medium: a comparison between Rayleigh and Love type waves
Nathan Paul Craig *, Harriet Grigg
Finite Element Analysis of optomechatronic choppers with rotational shafts
Eduard Sebastian Csukas *, Virgil-Florin Duma *
Validation of a motor test for evaluation of postural control in dual-task for elderly people
Luiz Fernando Cuozzo Lemos *, Ariel Dal Forno Mastella, Joane Severo Ribeiro, Igor Martins Barbosa, Samuel Klippel Prusch, Hyago Bernardes da Rosa, Eduarda Mattana Dias, Eduardo Porto Scisleski, Leticia Oliveira da Silva, Carlos Bolli Mota
On the acoustic metamaterial with negative effective mass
Livija Cveticanin * — Keynote talk
Wheel-surface interaction model development for all terrain vehicle dynamics simulation
Tomasz Czapla *, Mariusz Pawlak *
Wheel-surface model parameters estimation for all-terrain vehicle - experimental basis
Tomasz Czapla *, Marcin Fice, Roman Niestrój
Inverse dynamics simulation of the snatch in weightlifting
Adam Czaplicki *, Krzysztof Dziewiecki, Zenon Mazur, Wojciech Blajer
Charpy Impact Testing Machine in modeling of vehicle frontal crash with street lights
Wojciech Danek *, Mariusz Pawlak
Application of Pade approximations to the solution of nonlinear control problems
Yulia Danik, Mikhail Dmitriev *, Ekaterina Komarova, Dmitry Makarov
Numerical-analytical algorithms for nonlinear optimal control problems on a large time interval
Yulia Danik, Mikhail Dmitriev *, Dmitry Makarov, Tatiana Zarodnyuk
Nonconservative instability of SWCNT: an alternative variational method via Cell- discretization method (CDM)
Maria Anna De Rosa, Nicola Maria Auciello, Maria Lippiello, Stefania Tomasiello *
The dynamic behavior of the vehicle wheels under impact loads - FEM and experimental researches
Irina Demiyanushko *, Aleksandr Vakhromeev, Evgeny Loginov, Violetta Mironova
Developments of non-linear dynamics FEM simulation of the impact performance of road safety barriers with use of experimental validation of models
Irina Demiyanushko *, Ilya Karpov, Beka Tavshavadze
Maximum amplitude during passage through resonance at parametric anti-resonance
Fadi Dohnal *
Homotopy analysis method applied for coupled time-periodic systems
Fadi Dohnal *
Stability of linearized non-conservative systems: The role of the damping matrix
Fadi Dohnal * — Special session No. 1
Two-frequency averaging in the problem of motion of a counter-rotating vertical axis wind turbine
Marat Dosaev, Liubov Klimina *, Boris Lokshin, Vitaly Samsonov, Ekaterina Shalimova
Simulation of contact equilibrium between two deformable axisymmetric bodies
Marat Dosaev *, Vladislav Bekmemetev, Vitaly Samsonov — Special session No. 2
Rotation of vane with viscous filling
Marat Dosaev * — Special session No. 2
An approach to the mechanical modelling of contact problems in the application to friction stir welding
Nataliia Dubovikova *, Erik Gerlach, Igor Zeidis, Klaus Zimmermann
Design study and development of mechatronic treadmill for gait reeducation
Slawomir Duda, Grzegorz Gembalczyk *, Eugeniusz Świtoński
Macro- and micro-scanners for laser applications: Non-linear characteristics and their impact on biomedical imaging
Virgil-Florin Duma *
Interaction of bridge cables and wake behind in the vortex induced vibrations
Maciej Dutkiewicz *
Steady-state behaviour of the Jeffcott rotor comparing various analytical approaches to the solution of the Reynolds equation for plain journal bearing
Štěpán Dyk *, Miroslav Byrtus, Luboš Smolík
Transient dynamics of impacting beams with lost connection
Larysa Dzyubak *, Atul Bhaskar
Tumor growth and decay predictability based on chaotic attractors in the phase spaces
Larysa Dzyubak *, Oleksandr Dzyubak, Jan Awrejcewicz
Irreversibility of mechanical and hydrodynamic instabilities
Carlos D. Díaz-Marín, Alejandro Jenkins *
Comparative analysis of tire models for simulation of longitudinal motion of lightweight wheeled mobile robots
Przemysław Dąbek *, Maciej Trojnacki
Numerical investigation on dynamic performance of a multi-storey steel structure model and comparison with experimental results
Tomasz Falborski *, Barbara Sołtysik, Robert Jankowski
Accumulation of the energy in mechanical resonance
Wiesław Fiebig *
Nonlinear differential-difference equations related to the second Painleve equation
Galina Filipuk * — Special session No. 3
Modelling water hammer with quasi-steady and unsteady friction in viscoelastic conduits
Mateusz Firkowski *, Kamil Urbanowicz
Vibrations of a cantilevered viscoelastic beam of a fractional derivative type with a tip mass and subjected to the base motion
Jan Freundlich * — Special session No. 5
An energy trapped degenerate mode resonator
Barry J Gallacher *, Jim Burdess, Zhongxu Hu, Harriet Grigg, Chen Fu, Carl Dale, Neil Keegan, John Hedley, Julia Spoors
Sensitivity investigations of the vehicle lane change manoeuvre with an automatic control system
Mirosław Gidlewski, Leszek Jemioł, Dariusz Żardecki *
The process of energy dissipation during a front-to-side collision of passenger cars
Mirosław Gidlewski, Leon Prochowski, Leszek Jemioł, Dariusz Żardecki *
Condition monitoring of the manipulator tool based on inertia forces analysis
Piotr Gierlak *
Control of dynamical system with non-continuous constraints
Piotr Gierlak *
Computation of a Finsler-Lyapunov function using meshless collocation
Peter Giesl *
Nonlinear dynamics of relativistic backward-wave tube in self-modulation and chaotic regime
Alexander Glushkov, Valentin Ternovsky *, Anna Buyadzhi, Dmitry Mironenko
Damage analysis and detection under varying environmental and operational conditions using a chaos theory methods
Alexander Glushkov *, Vasily Buyadzhi, Eugeny Ternovsky, Anna Ignatenko
Chaos bifurcations and strange attractors in environmental radioactivity dynamics of some geosystems
Alexander Glushkov *, Yuliya Dubrovskaya, Vasily Buyadzhi, Eugeny Ternovsky
Modeling of construction and nonlinear fluctuations of constructions using Chebyshev's polynomials
Sergey Yuryevich Gridnev *, Yuriy Ivanovich Skalko
A 5-link human biomechanical model simulating a human with the hip joint endoprosthesis in the process of doing deep knee bends
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Ievgen Levadnyi *, Jan Awrejcewicz
Simulation of the octopod robot controlled by different Central Patterns Generators
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Bartosz Stańczyk *, Olga Szymanowska, Jan Awrejcewicz
Modelling of optical phenomena in cholesteric liquid crystals bounded by a pair of optical polarizers
Dariusz Grzelczyk *, Jan Awrejcewicz
A 3-link biomechanical model of a human for simulating a forward fall
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Paweł Biesiacki *, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz
Biomechanical model of a human suitable for strength analysis of hip endoprosthesis during the process of getting up from a chair
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Ievgen Levadnyi *, Jan Awrejcewicz
The octopod robot and its dynamical model during walking on the flat and susceptible ground
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Bartosz Stańczyk *, Jan Awrejcewicz
Modelling and numerical analysis of the prototype of a hydraulic actuator suitable for control of an exoskeleton supporting human walking during the rehabilitation process
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Olga Szymanowska *, Jan Awrejcewicz
Calculation of the transmission and reflection coefficients of the light falling on the cholesteric liquid crystals
Dariusz Grzelczyk *, Jan Awrejcewicz
Distributed generation facilitates synchronization in power-grid models of second-order Kuramoto oscillators
José Mario Vicensi Grzybowski, Elbert Einstein Nehrer Macau *, Takashi Yoneyama
Stochastic bifurcations of discontinuous and impacting nonlinear systems
Sayan Gupta, Pankaj Kumar, Sadagopan Narayanan * — Keynote talk
Development and experimental investigation of the resonant vibratory systems
Volodymyr Gursky *, Igor Kuzio, Vitaliy Korendiy
Application of time-frequency methods for assessment of gas metal arc welding condition
Jacek Górka, Wojciech Jamrozik *
Study of dynamical systems by fast numerical computation of Lyapunov functions
Sigurdur Hafstein *, Asgeir Valfells
Influence of mass chromosome distribution in equatorial plane on oscillatory energy of mitotic spindle trough biomechanical oscillatory model of mitotic spindle
Anđelka Hedrih *, Katica (Stevanovic) Hedrih
The influence of dynamic fluid-structure interaction and energy dissipation on pressure waves in transient pipe flow
Sławomir Henclik *, Adam Adamkowski
Numerical simulations of transient pipe flow with fluid-structure interaction based on the fourteen equation model of the phenomenon
Sławomir Henclik *
Application of zero-sum differential game in two-wheeled mobile robot control
Zenon Hendzel, Paweł Penar *
Dynamic analysis of a rotating electrical machine rotor-bearing system by optimal auxiliary functions method
Nicolae Herisanu *, Vasile Marinca
Computer aided modeling system of structural steels mechanical properties
Rafał Honysz *
Comparative analysis of damage evolution on rectangular and I-shape cross section bridge’s beams by computational modelling of the nonlinear dynamic
Ana Paula Imai *, Roberto Dalledone Machado, Thiago de Oliveira Abeche, Fernando Luiz Martinechen Beghetto, Luiz Antonio Farani de Souza, João Elias Abdalla Filho, Marcos Arndt
Comparison between normative codes and nonlinear dynamics computational simulation of reinforced concrete bridges
Ana Paula Imai *, Roberto Dalledone Machado, Thiago de Oliveira Abeche, Fernando Luiz Martinechen Beghetto, Luiz Antonio Farani de Souza, João Elias Abdalla Filho, Marcos Arndt
Experimentally verified mathematical model of the polymer plasticization process in injection molding
Jacek Iwko *, Ryszard Steller, Roman Wroblewski
Optimal control of automotive multivariable dynamic systems
Jacek Jackiewicz *
A mathematical model of the slow/fast atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia
Beata Jackowska-Zduniak *, Urszula Foryś — Special session No. 3
Computational based constrained dynamics generation for a model of a crane with compliant support
Elżbieta Jarzębowska, Andrzej Urbaś *, Krzysztof Augustynek — Special session No. 4
Optimization of servicing satellite control torques generated by a system of four reaction wheels
Elżbieta Jarzębowska *, Meltem Sozeri — Special session No. 4
Development of a computational based reference dynamics model of a flexible link manipulator
Elżbieta Jarzębowska, Krzysztof Augustynek *, Andrzej Urbaś
Optimization of geometry of cavitational tunnel by using CFD method
Robert Jasionowski *, Waldemar Kostrzewa
Motion analysis of the mobile platform with four wheel drive
Anna Jaskot *, Bogdan Posiadała
Estimation of the instantaneous speed free (power) turbine
Józef Jonak *, Anna Machrowska
Estimates of asymptotic solution of linear-quadratic optimal control problems with cheap controls of two different orders of smallness
Margarita Kalashnikova, Galina Kurina *
Prevention of structural pounding between mid-rise buildings using MR dampers
Elif Cagda Kandemir-Mazanoglu *
Dynamics and modelling of a middle ear with SMA prothesis
Krzysztof Kecik *, Rafal Rusinek
Kahan discretisation of a cubic Hamiltonian system
Thomas Kecker * — Special session No. 3
Chaos, bifurcations and strange attractors in dynamics of the Earth system low-frequency scale atmospheric processes: Atmospheric circulation, teleconnection and atmospheric radio-waveguides
Olga Khetselius *, Yuliya Bunyakova, Alexander Glushkov, Iryna Cherkasova
New chaos-dynamical approach to forecasting evolutionary dynamics of complex geosystems: City’s atmospheric pollutants dynamics
Olga Khetselius *, Yuliya Bunyakova, Anna Romanova, Alexander Glushkov
Optimal starting control for a nonlinear resonating free piston generator
Tom Kigezi, Julian Dunne *
Application of numerical simulations on 10GN2MFA steel multilayer welding
Tomasz Kik, Jaromir Moravec, Iva Novakova
Welding numerical simulation in thermal cycle acquisition errors identification
Tomasz Kik, Bernard Wyględacz
Methods of normal local stabilization and associated dynamical polysystems
Aleksandr Kirillov *
Amplitude dependent damping of hybrid composites – experimental determination and energetic interpretation
Matthias Klaerner *, Mario Wuehrl, Lothar Kroll, Steffen Marburg
On dynamics of a Savonius rotor-based wind power generator
Liubov Klimina, Anna Masterova *, Yury Selyutskiy, Shyh-Shin Hwang, Ching-Huei Lin
Modeling of dynamics of a counter-rotating horizontal axis wind turbine
Liubov Klimina *, Boris Lokshin, Vitaly Samsonov, Yury Selyutskiy, Ekaterina Shalimova, Alois Steindl
An iterative approach for the description of periodic solutions of a dynamical system
Liubov Klimina * — Special session No. 2
Process-oriented approach to the design of Cyber-Physical Systems
Lech Knap *, Jędrzej Mączak, Michał Trojgo
Useage of Kalman filter to estimate the state vector of the 6D measuring arm
Agnieszka Kobierska *, Paweł Żak, Paweł Poryzała, Leszek Podsędkowski
Application of time-frequency analysis of acoustic signal to detecting flat places on the rolling surface of a tram wheel
Pawel Komorski *, Tomasz Nowakowski, Grzegorz Szymanski, Franciszek Tomaszewski
On local aspects of entropy
Ewa Korczak-Kubiak *, Ryszard Jerzy Pawlak — Special session No. 6
A reverse analysis of the remote controlled artillery-missile set dynamics under the influence of disturbances
Zbigniew Koruba, Daniel Gapiński, Piotr Szmidt * — Special session No. 4
The control of the artillery-rocket set in conditions of random interferences
Zbigniew Koruba *
Development of a prototype dynamic weighing system for single bucket excavator
Andrzej Kosiara, Jakub Chołodowski, Aleksander Skurjat *
Dynamics of mechanical oscillators with double physical pendulums and forced by stick-slip vibrations
Angelika Kosińska *, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
Resonance and non-linear behavior of a flexibly suspended mechanical system with geometrical non-linearity and excited by rotating physical pendulum
Angelika Kosińska *, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
Non-linear dynamics of flexibly suspended spring pendulum embedded in gravity and electric fields
Angelika Kosińska *, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
Dynamic of system with hysteresis
Robert Kostek *
Resonanes of rolling bearing
Robert Kostek *
A FEM model of Transversal Artificial Muscle deformation
Katarzyna Koter *, Łukasz Frącczak, Leszek Podsędkowski
On some exact solutions for a forced response of nonlinear oscillators
Ivana Kovacic *
Nonlinear dynamics of a pendulum under parametric excitation
Margarita Kovaleva *, Valery Smirnov, Francesco Romeo, Leonid Manevitch — Special session No. 2
Energy transport in the locally resonant unit cell model with self excitation
Margarita Kovaleva *, Nina Ryazan, Yuli Starosvetsky
Dynamic measurements of three steel towers erected in different locations
Dariusz Kowalski, Tomasz Domagała, Robert Jankowski *
Vibrations of steel towers induced by service staff
Dariusz Kowalski, Tomasz Domagała, Robert Jankowski *
Excessive vibrations of aluminium tower as a result of its reconstruction
Dariusz Kowalski, Tomasz Domagała, Robert Jankowski *
Approximate spectral identification of dynamical systems
Jan Kozanek *, Stepan Chladek, Jaroslav Zapomel, Lucie Svamberova
Exoskeleton – control by pressure sensors – practical solution
Mateusz Krain *, Bartłomiej Zagrodny, Jan Awrajcewicz
Design of illumination and lighting visualisation by simulation methods
Ruzena Kralikova *, Miroslav Badida *, Lydia Sobotova *, Anna Badidova *
Derivation and investigation of the generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation of cosmogonical body forming
Alexander Krot * — Special session No. 3
Analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of flexible two-layer beams, with account for their stratification
Vadim A. Krysko *, Jan Awrejcewicz, Irina V. Papkova, Olga A. Saltykova
Dynamics of the size-dependent flexible beams embedded into temperature field
Anton V. Krysko *, Jan Awrejcewicz, Ilya Kutepov, Vadim A. Krysko
Sliding control of a gyroscopic scanning and tracking system mounted on a moveable base
Izabela Krzysztofik *
Probability analysis of the unsymmetrical effects to seismic resistance of the symmetrical high rise buildings
Juraj Králik *, Juraj Králik, jr. — Special session No. 4
Modelling of rigid body dynamics with spatial frictional contacts
Grzegorz Kudra, Michał Szewc *, Michał Ludwicki, Krzysztof Witkowski, Jan Awrejcewicz — Special session No. 1
Passive vibration control of a cantilever column by a piezoceramic actuator
Krzysztof Kuliński *, Jacek Przybylski
Free vibration of multilayered shallow shells perforated by clamped holes of different forms
Lidiya Kurpa, Andrey Osetrov *, Galina Timchenko
Free vibration analysis of laminated functionally graded shallow shells by the R-functions method
Lidiya Kurpa *, Tetyana Shmatko, Jan Awrejcewicz
Stability of a rectangular plate under dynamic load generated by unhomogeneous magnetic field
Piotr Kędzia *, Krzysztof Magnucki, Mikołaj Smyczyński, Iwona Wstawska
Tailoring of hysteresis across different material scales
Walter Lacarbonara * — Keynote talk
Remote synchronization and multistability in a star-like network of oscillators
Juliana Lacerda, Celso Freitas, Elbert Macau * — Special session No. 4
A time-domain dynamic simulation of cylindrical plunge grinding process
Paweł Lajmert *, Małgorzata Sikora, Bogdan Kruszyński, Dariusz Ostrowski
A comparison of different time-frequency signal decomposition techniques to chatter detection in cylindrical plunge grinding process
Paweł Lajmert *, Małgorzata Sikora, Bogdan Kruszyński
Trajectory estimation of UAV flight using Integrated Navigation System
Damian Ledziński *, Sandra Śmigiel, Marcin Malinowski, Piotr Bełdowski
The influence of anti-roll bar in the dynamics of full car control
Wagner Barth Lenz, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Rodrigo Tumolin Rocha, Frederic Conrad Janzen, Adriano Kossoski, Jose Manoel Balthazar *, Airton Nabarrete
Influence of the fixation region of a hip stem on the behaviour of the “bone–implant” system
Ievgen Levadnyi *, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
Finite element analysis of the dynamic characteristic of prosthetic feet and design optimisation
Shudong Li *, James Ren, Yan Zhang, Yaodong Gu, Mark Lake
Performance of a vertical axis wind turbine system with a pair of rotors investigated using CFD method
Ching-Huei Lin *, Dao-An Yang — Special session No. 2
Dynamical response of a bistable system with clearance
Grzegorz Litak *, Piotr Wolszczak, Krystian Lygas
Dynamic analysis of a beam with additional auxiliary mass spatial by the spectral element method
Erwin Ulises Lopez Palechor, Marcela Rodrigues Machado *, Marcus Vinicius Girão de Morais, Luciano Mendes Bezerra
Vector Coding – an application to gait stability and reaction to gait perturbation
Michał Ludwicki *, Bartłomiej Zagrodny, Wiktoria Wojnicz, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz
Optimal control for robot manipulators with three degrees of freedom
Jose Adenilson Gonçalves Luz Junior, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Frederic Conrad Janzen, Rodrigo Tumolin Rocha, Jose Manoel Balthazar *, Airton Nabarrete
Spectral approach for dynamic analysis of a composite structure under random excitation
Marcela Machado *, Leila Khalij, Adriano Fabro
Optimal design of multibody systems using the adjoint method
Paweł Maciąg *, Paweł Malczyk, Janusz Frączek
Numerical analysis of three-layered wall made of concrete-rubber composites subjected to the dynamic load
Maciej Major, Krzysztof Kuliński *, Izabela Major
Algorithm for damping control in vehicle suspension equipped with magneto-rheological dampers
Michał Makowski *
Optimal auxiliary functions method for investigating a permanent magnet synchronous generator
Vasile Marinca, Nicolae Herisanu *
Modelling of the fractional kinetics of compartmental systems: discretization, approximation, realization
Konrad A. Markowski *, Cristina I. Muresan * — Special session No. 5
Comparative experimental results of vibration suppression with switching model of the aircraft wings
Konrad A. Markowski *, Cristina I. Muresan * — Special session No. 5
Ocean wave energy harvesting of a floating pendulum platform coupled system
Carlos Eduardo Marques, José Manoel Balthazar *, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Rodrigo Tumolin Rocha, Frederic Conrad Janzen, Jeferson José De Lima, Airton Nabarrete — Special session No. 4
Nonlocal elasticity theory for solving dynamic problems via peridynamics
Adam Martowicz *, Wieslaw J. Staszewski, Massimo Ruzzene, Tadeusz Uhl
Nonlocal numerical methods for solving second-order partial differential equations
Adam Martowicz *, Wieslaw J. Staszewski, Massimo Ruzzene, Tadeusz Uhl
On solutions of biharmonic problems
Hovik Matevossian *, Mikhail Nikabadze, Armine Ulukhanian
Localization and reconstruction of dynamic forces acting on plane structures using displacement transmissibility
Miguel Matos, Yoann Lage, Miguel Neves, Nuno Maia *
Flap-wise vibrations of cracked beams rotating around a hub
Kemal Mazanoglu *
Free vibration analyses of simply supported cracked beams using perturbation and Ritz methods
Kemal Mazanoglu *, Elif Cagda Kandemir Mazanoglu
Thermal buckling of triangular plates
Olga Mazur *, Atul Bhaskar
Computational deterministic simulation of the nonlinear dynamic propagation of diffuse cracks in reinforced concrete bridges through the action of car and truck vehicular models by damage mechanics
Diego Gabriel Metz *, Roberto Dalledone Machado, Thiago de Oliveira Abeche, Ana Paula Imai, João Elias Abdalla Filho, Fernando Luiz Martinechen Beghetto, Luiz Antonio Farani de Souza
Analysis of the influence of parameters of elastomeric layer in shock-absorbing holder of helical spring on its dynamic and static properties
Krzysztof Michalczyk *, Wojciech Sikora
Tympanoplasty of the middle ear with a retraction pocket: recommendations based on the modal finite element analysis
Gennadi Mikhasev, Sergei Bosiakov, Kirill Yurkevich, Alina Dutina *, Lyudmila Petrova, Marina Maisyuk
Non-linear modeling of human body dynamic
Tomasz Miroslaw, Adam Zawadzki *
Model of 4-wheel electric drive vehicle with ESP and ABS system
Tomasz Mirosław *
Computer model of ground under vehicle wheels
Tomasz Mirosław *
Off-road 4-wheel drive vehicle dynamics and control
Tomasz Mirosław *, Jan Szlagowski, Adam Zawadzki, Zbigniew Zebrowski
Dynamics of a portable module handling system
Robert Mitoraj, Marek Szczotka *
Existence conditions for fractional order PI/PD controllers
Cristina Muresan, Isabela Birs *, Clara Ionescu, Robin De Keyser — Special session No. 5
Nonlinear analysis of rotors with rigid coupling misalignment
Airton Nabarrete *, Vinicius Yoshida de Melo, José Manoel Balthazar, Angelo Marcelo Tusset — Special session No. 1
Identification of the model of Stick balancing using the cepstral analysis
Dalma J. Nagy *, László Bencsik, Tamás Insperger
Influence of pre-stressed zones in beam structures to the modification their modal properties
Milan Naď *, Ladislav Rolník, Lenka Kolíková
Analysis of vibration effects on edgechipping occurrence during rotary ultrasonic drilling
Milan Naď *, Lenka Kolíková, Ladislav Rolník, Rastislav Ďuriš
Rough terrain mobile robot path planning method based on mobile robot dynamics model and energy minimization
Adam Niewola, Leszek Podsędkowski *
Emergent behavior, synchronization and control
Henk Nijmeijer * — Keynote talk
On decomposition of the initial boundary value problems in mechanics
Mikhail Nikabadze *
Formulation of the Initial Boundery Velue Problems in the Theory of Multilayer Thermoelastic Thin Bodies in Moments. II
Mikhail Nikabadze, Tamar Moseshvili, Ketevan Tskhakaia, Nodar Mardaleishvili, Armine Ulukhanyan *
Formulation of initial boundary value problems in the theory of multilayer thermoelastic thin bodies in moments
Mikhail Nikabadze, Tamar Moseshvili, Armine Ulukhanian, Ketevan Tskhakaia *, Nodar Mardaleishvili
Formulation of the Initial Boundery Velue Problems in the Theory of Multilayer Thermoelastic Thin Bodies in Moments. III
Mikhail Nikabadze, Tamar Moseshvili *, Armine Ulukhanian, Ketevan Tskhakaia, Nodar Mardaleishvili
Modelling of vibration and large deflections of lattice-boom structures of cranes by means of rigid finite element method
Andrzej Nowak *, Paweł Nowak *, Marek Metelski
Application of Hilbert transform in detection flat spots on tram wheels
Tomasz Nowakowski *, Paweł Komorski, Grzegorz Marek Szymański, Franciszek Tomaszewski
Mathematical models of two parametric pendulums with modulated length
Paweł Olejnik *, Jan Awrejcewicz, Michal Fečkan
A piecewise-smooth control of dengue
Gerard Olivar Tost *, Luis Eduardo López Montenegro, Aníbal Muñoz Loaiza
On the Stability and Ultimate Boundedness of Solutions for certain Third Order Non-Autonomous Delay Differential Equations
Akinwale Olutimo *
Dynamic load - carrying capacity of ribbed plates
Sławomir Onopiuk *, Adam Stolarski
Shadowing, entropy and minimal sets
Piotr Oprocha *, Jian Li — Special session No. 6
Analysis of vibrations of an oscillator using statistical series
Agnieszka Ozga *
On the use of a Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) to control the seismic response of a cantilevered highway sign support
Fabio Paiva, Rui Barros *
CFD predict dynamic properties (stiffness and dumping) of long labyrinth seals in axial balance drum for high frequency pump
Adam Papierski *, Andrzej Błaszczyk, Mariusz Susik
Chaotic dynamics of a two-layer beam set, described by mathematical models of the first and second approximation
Irina V. Papkova, Olga A. Saltykova, Jan Awrejcewicz *, Vadim A. Krysko
The impact of the shock absorber damage on vehicle control
Krzysztof Parczewski *, Henryk Wnęk — Special session No. 4
On axjomatic concepts of classical and quantum entropy
Adam Paszkiewicz * — Special session No. 6
On points focusing entropy
Ryszard J. Pawlak *, Anna Loranty, Ewa Korczak-Kubiak — Special session No. 6
Model of kinetic energy recuperation system for city bus
Tomasz Pałczyński *, Jakub Łagodzińdki
Influence of partially-closed end ratio on dynamic properties of pipes with pulsating flow
Tomasz Pałczyński * — Special session No. 2
Dynamic properties of pipes with pulsating flows in transient states (sweeping up and down) for different air temperatures and pipe geometries
Tomasz Pałczyński * — Special session No. 2
Influence of air temperature on dynamic properties of pipes supplied with pulsating flow
Tomasz Pałczyński * — Special session No. 2
Enhancing the stability of the boost converter through saltation matrix
Arnold Perez, Guillermo Muñoz, Fabiola Angulo *
Impact of diabetes and drug-resistant strains in a model for TB transmission
Carla M. A. Pinto *, Ana Carvalho — Special session No. 5
Resonance behavior of nonlinear dissipative systems
Katarina Y. Plaksiy, Yuri Mikhlin * — Special session No. 4
Influence of plain journal bearing parameters on the rotor nonlinear behaviour
Pavel Polach *, Luboš Smolík, Jan Rendl, Michal Hajžman
Modeling and experimental investigation of dynamics of two pendulums elastically coupled and driven by magnetic field
Krystian Polczyński *, Grzegorz Wasilewski, Jan Awrejcewicz, Adam Wijata
Aeroelastic stability analysis via multiparameter eigenvalue problems
Arion Pons *, Stefanie Gutschmidt — Special session No. 2
Impact Models of WC-Co composite
Eligiusz Postek, Tomasz Sadowski *
Dynamics of a block sliding on a plane with variable coefficient of friction
Alexander Prokopenya * — Special session No. 3
An analysis of dynamics of truck with trailer
Adam Przemyk *, Szymon Tengler, Andrzej Harlecki
Theoretical and experimental investigations of nonlinear vibrations of a beam with piezoelectric actuators
Jacek Przybylski *, Grzegorz Gąsiorski — Special session No. 1
Dynamics of planetary gearing box
Ladislav Pust *, Ludek Pesek
Flutter running waves in turbine blades cascade
Ladislav Pust *, Ludek Pesek, Miroslav Byrtus
Optimal control of hybrid systems with sliding modes
Radosław Pytlak *, Damian Suski, Tomasz Tarnawski
Nullspace method for the uniqueness analysis of reaction and driving forces in rigid multibody systems with redundant nonholonomic constraints
Marcin Pękal *, Janusz Frączek, Marek Wojtyra
Microtubule dynamics in coupled fields
Andrzej Radowicz *, Agnieszka Radowicz- Chil
Parameter optimization for minimizing vibrations in milling process
João Ribeiro, Manuel Braz César *, Ana Pereira, Rui Barros
Nonlinear mode veering for enhanced resonant sensing
Dennis Roeser, Samuel Jackson, Thomas Sattel *, Stefanie Gutschmidt — Special session No. 1
Recognition of periodical solutions of dynamic systems with special Hamiltonian structure using the adaptive bacterial foraging optimization algorithm
Constantin Ruchkin *
Nonlinear aspects of the human middle ear
Rafal Rusinek *, Krzysztof Kecik
Theoretical and experimental investigation of nonlinear dynamical features in a MEMS device electrically actuated
Laura Ruzziconi *, Nizar Jaber, Lakshmoji Kosuru, Mohammed L. Bellaredj, Stefano Lenci, Mohammad Younis
Dynamics and effectiveness of Villari effect in magnetostrictive composite beam in the presence of magnetic field
Andrzej Rysak *
Study of the high-amplitude solutions in the system of magnetic sliding oscillator with many degrees of freedom
Andrzej Rysak *, Magdalena Gregorczyk, Konrad Chwełatiuk, Daniel Gąska
Signal prediction in bilateral teleoperation with force-feedback
Mateusz Saków *, Krzysztof Marchelek, Arkadiusz Parus, Mirosław Pajor, Karol Miądlicki
Carier frequency amplitud modulation phenomenon as model of creeping motion
Jan Samsonowicz, Stanisław Radkowski *
Theoretical investigations on the behavior of artificial sensors for surface texture detection
Moritz Scharff, Maximilian Darnieder, Joachim Steigenberger, Jorge H. Alencastre, Carsten Behn *
Dynamical investigation of a vibration driven locomotion system based on a multistable tensegrity structure
Philipp Schorr *, Susanne Sumi, Valter Böhm, Klaus Zimmermann
Elastically mounted double pendulum in flow
Yury Selyutskiy *, Andrei Holub, Marat Dosaev, Rinaldo Garziera
Equilibria and global dynamics of a 2 DoF aeroelastic system
Yury Selyutskiy * — Special session No. 2
Riccati transformation and oscillation of superlinear second order functional differential equations
Abhay Kumar Sethi *, Arun Kumar Tripathy
Method of direct separation of motions applied to a non-ideal electromechanical pendulum system
Shahram Shahlaei-Far *, Jose Manoel Balthazar
Non-smooth first integrals of dynamical systems with dissipation
Maxim V. Shamolin *
Mathematical modeling of the action of a medium on a conical body
Maxim V. Shamolin * — Special session No. 2
Hysteretic properties of shell dampers
Ivan Shatskyi *, Ihor Popadyuk, Andrii Velychkovych
Dynamic problem for an elastic rod with decreasing function of elastoplastic external resistance
Ivan Shatskyi *, Vasyl Perepichka — Special session No. 2
Deterministic chaos in some pendulum systems with delay
Aleksandr Shvets *, Alexander Makaseyev
The first exit time stochastic theory applied to estimate the life time of a complicated machine. The case of cars
Christos Skiadas *, Charilaos Skiadas
Directional stability control of body steer wheeled articulated vehicles
Aleksander Skurjat *, Andrzej Kosiara — Special session No. 4
New control methods for flutter and thermal buckling elimination
Zhiguang Song *, Xiao He, Feng-Ming Li
Convergence of dual infinity series
Josef Soukup *, Blanka Skočilasova, Jan Skočilas
Impact of elastic rod on thin elastic isotropic and orthotropic plate
Josef Soukup *, Jan Skočilas, Blanka Skočilasova
Nonlinear effects in dynamics of micromechanical gyroscope
Roman Starosta *, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska, Jan Awrejcewicz
Dynamic analysis of a compliant tensegrity structure for the use in a gripper application
Susanne Sumi, Philipp Schorr *, Valter Böhm, Klaus Zimmermann
Modal analysis of the vehicle model
Martin Svoboda *, Václav Schmid, Josef Soukup
Influence of the spring system in vehicle vibrafon
Martin Svoboda *, Václav Schmid, Josef Soukup
Stimulation of nerve endings via medical device
Antonin Svoboda *, Josef Soukup
Optimization of construction processes using multi-criteria analyses
Elżbieta Szafranko *
Influence of damping on dynamic behavior of reinforced concrete beams
Anna Szcześniak *, Adam Stolarski
Stability problem of thin-walled sigma beams straighten by CFRP tapes
Ilona Szewczak *, Katarzyna Rzeszut, Patryk Różyło
Free vibration of cantilever bars having a shape of solid and hollow curvilinear truncated cone
Olga Szlachetka, Jacek Jaworski *, Marek Chalecki
A compensation for positioning of the remote control artillery-missile set in external disturbance conditions
Piotr Szmidt * — Special session No. 4
Synchronisation analysis of a de-tuned three-blades rotor
Zofia Szmit *, Jerzy Warmiński, Jarosław Latalski
The analytical approach for identification of magnetically induced vibrations of working in faulty state BLDC motor
Przemyslaw Szulim *, Stanislaw Radkowski
Comparison of different control strategies of a self-balancing robot
Przemyslaw Szulim *, Adrian Chmielewski
Advanced adaptive critic design in control of mobile transport robot
Marcin Szuster *
Gr-GDHP algorithm in tracking control of robotic manipulator
Marcin Szuster *
Multi-stage orbital maneuvers control for a servicing satellite mission
Michal Szwajewski *, Elzbieta Jarzebowska — Special session No. 4
Methods for automatic detection of damage to cutting tools in applications of industrial robots
Dariusz Szybicki *, Krzysztof Kurc, Piotr Gierlak, Andrzej Burghardt
Modelling and experimental study of roller coaster wheel with vibration reduction passive system
Dariusz Szybicki *, Krzysztof Kurc, Piotr Gierlak, Andrzej Burghardt, Radosław Sitek, Marek Goczał
Experimental investigation of a human-like rib cage model subjected to an impact load
Olga Szymanowska, Wojciech Kunikowski, Bartłomiej Zagrodny, Jan Awrejcewicz, Paweł Olejnik *
Model of a quarter car suspension with a silencer containing magnetorheological fluid and with damaged parts controlled by backstepping method control
Maciej Słomczyński *, Stanisław Radkowski — Special session No. 2
Distributed Multi-Population Genetic Algorithm to improve driver’s comfort
Szymon Tengler *, Kornel Warwas
Deterministic chaos and strange attractors in dynamics of Rydberg atomic and molecular systems in an electromagnetic field
Valentin Ternovsky *, Anna Kuznetsova, Marina Gurskaya, Anna Buyadzhi
A new asymptotic-tolerance model of dynamics of thin uniperiodic cylindrical shells
Barbara Tomczyk, Anna Litawska *
Micro-dynamics of thin tolerance-periodic cylindrical shells
Barbara Tomczyk, Paweł Szczerba *
Dynamics and control of a truck-mounted crane with a flexible jib
Andrzej Urbaś, Adam Jabłoński *, Jacek Kłosiński, Krzysztof Augustynek
Compensation of an influence of crane’s support flexibility on load motion using a PID controller
Andrzej Urbaś, Krzysztof Augustynek, Szymon Tengler *
A fractional perspective to the modelling of Lisbon's Public Transportation Network
Duarte Valério, José Tenreiro Machado *, António Lopes, António Santos
Passage through resonance in conservative and dissipative systems
Ferdinand Verhulst *
Tubular latticed telecommunication towers under wind load and vortex shedding effects
Dario Vieira, Rui Barros *
Entropy of groups-pseudogroups-foliations
Paweł Walczak *, Katarzyna Tarchała — Special session No. 6
Identification of muscle forces of lower limbs based on the registration of motion using the BTS system
Tomasz Walczak *, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska, Henryk Kamiński, Rafał Chełkowski, Adam Michałowski
On the dynamics of drillstrings with rotor/stator contact
Jörg Wallaschek *, Sebastian Tatzko, Ilja Gorelik — Special session No. 1
The concept of autonomous damper in vehicle suspension
Jan Warczek, Rafał Burdzik *, Łukasz Konieczny
Vibration modes of rotating thin-walled composite blades
Jerzy Warminski *, Jaroslaw Latalski, Zofia Szmit — Special session No. 1
Analytical model of damaged circular membrane using a pseudo torus
Aleksandra Waszczuk-Młyńska *, Stanisław Radkowski
Numerical crash analysis of the cable barrier
Krzysztof Wilde, Dawid Bruski *, Stanisław Burzyński, Jacek Chróścielewski, Wojciech Witkowski
Experimental and numerical investigations of one-degree-of-freedom impacting oscillator
Krzysztof Witkowski *, Grzegorz Kudra, Grzegorz Wasilewski, Fryderyk Wiądzkowicz, Jan Awrejcewicz
Dynamics of a double physical pendulum with magnetic interaction
Mateusz Wojna *, Grzegorz Wasilewski, Jan Awrejcewicz, Adam Wijata
Gravity waves in a reservoir with uneven bottom: asymptotic approach
Ryszard Wojnar *, Włodzimierz Bielski
Approach for determination of functioning of lower limb muscles
Wiktoria Wojnicz *, Bartłomiej Zagrodny, Michał Ludwicki, Małgorzata Syczewska, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz
Implementation of the adaptive control algorithm for the KUKA LWR 4+ robot
Łukasz Woliński *
Modeling and control of motion systems for an electro-hydraulic Tripod manipulator
Piotr Woś *, Ryszard Dindorf
Energy based composite damping modelling
Mario Wuehrl *, Matthias Klaerner, Lothar Kroll
Validation of the numerical model of Impuls I electric multiple unit driver’s cab
Paweł Wątroba, Mariusz Pawlak *, Damian Gąsiorek
Nonlinear acoustic metamaterials: Editable dynamics
Tianzhi Yang *, Zhiguang Song — Special session No. 1
Application of non-linear dynamics to Poland's evolution
Tatyana Y. Yaroshenkо, Jan Awrejcewicz, Igor I. Shulga, Maxim V. Zhigalov, Vadim A. Krysko *
Understanding of origination, development and the sunset of the Ottoman Empire using wavelets and Lyapunov exponents
Tatyana Y. Yaroshenkо, Jan Awrejcewicz, Igor Pelve, Vadim A. Krysko *
Start of vibrating machines with unbalanced drive considering its elasticity
Nikolai Yaroshevich *, Ivan Zabrodets, Tatiana Yaroshevich
Experimental verification of contact phenomena modeling in alive structures on the example of the implant-bone
Marcin Zaczyk *, Danuta Jasińska-Choromańska
A theoretical and experimental investigation of parametrically excited nonlinear two-degree-of-freedom electromechanical systems
Bahareh Zaghari *, Cameron Levett, Emiliano Rustighi
Bionic movement algorithms implemented in mechatronic robots
Bartłomiej Zagrodny *, Cezary Miśkiewicz, Krystian Polczyński, Jan Awrejcewicz
The contact interaction of a nano-plate supported by nano-beams in the temperature field
Alena A. Zakharova, Jan Awrejcewicz, Tatyana V. Yakovleva, Vadim S. Kruzhilin, Anton V. Krysko *
Vibrations of a multi-span continuous beam subjected to a moving stochastic load
Filip Zakęś *, Paweł Śniady
The mathematical modelling of nonlinear vibration of rotors influenced by magnetic and electric effects
Jaroslav Zapoměl *, Petr Ferfecki, Jan Kozánek
Optimal thrust programming along the brachistochronic trajectory with drag
Alena Zarodnyuk *, Oleg Cherkasov *
Support reaction in the brachistochrone problem in a resistant medium
Alena Zarodnyuk *, Oleg Cherkasov * — Special session No. 2
Pulverized coal gasification with steam and flue gas
Robert Zarzycki, Rafał Kobyłecki *, Zbigniew Bis
The use of waste heat from flue gas in the process of combined generation of heat and electricity
Robert Zarzycki *
Contact force control for a high speed pantograph using co-simulations
Paweł Zdziebko *, Adam Martowicz, Tadeusz Uhl
Influence of the mechanical properties of pantograph’s structural parts on its interaction with a catenary
Paweł Zdziebko *, Adam Martowicz, Tadeusz Uhl
Control optimization for a three-segmented hopping leg model of human locomotion
Ambrus Zelei *, Bernd Krauskopf, Tamás Insperger
Four-bar mechanism substitution for balance board experiments: a parametric study
Ambrus Zelei *, Csenge A. Molnár, Tamás Insperger
Numerical and experimental modal analysis of laminated glass beams
Alena Zemanová *, Tomáš Plachý, Jaroslav Schmidt, Tomáš Janda, Jan Zeman, Michal Šejnoha
Effects of mild hallux valgus on forefoot biomechanics during walking: a finite element analysis
Yan Zhang *, Jan Awrejcewicz
Obstacle avoidance for nonholonomic systems under the controllability condition with iterated Lie brackets
Alexander Zuyev, Victoria Grushkovskaya *
A remark on point coordinates in multibody dynamics formulations
Ulrike Zwiers *
Computational modelling of the nonlinear dynamic damage mechanics and plasticity evolution of reinforced concrete bridge beams by its dynamic interaction with variable forms of track irregularities and moving vehicles
Thiago de Oliveira Abeche *, Roberto Dalledone Machado, Ana Paula Imai, Fernando Luiz Martinechen Beghetto, Luiz Antonio Farani de Souza, João Elias Abdalla Filho, Marcos Arndt
Theoretical foundations and computational simulation of the nonlinear dynamic damage and plasticity evolution of vehicle, irregularities and bridge dynamic interaction through finite element and boundary element methods
Thiago de Oliveira Abeche *, Roberto Dalledone Machado, Ana Paula Imai, Fernando Luiz Martinechen Beghetto, Luiz Antonio Farani de Souza, João Elias Abdalla Filho, Marcos Arndt
Validation of unilateral impact models using numerical simulations, perturbation methods and experiments
Geraldo Francisco de Souza Rebouças *, Ilmar Ferreira Santos, Jon Juel Thomsen
Nonlinear dynamics and control applied to an aircraft in a longitudinal flight considering gusts of wind in flight
Guilherme Pacheco dos Santos, Jose Manoel Balthazar *, Frederic Conrad Janzen, Rodrigo Tumolin Rocha, Airton Nabarrete, Angelo Marcelo Tusset — Special session No. 1
On artifacts in nonlinear dynamics
Utz von Wagner *, Lukas Lentz — Special session No. 1
Entropy in a theory of quantum measurement
Andrzej Łuczak *, Hanna Podsędkowska — Special session No. 6
Certain issues of modelling of high frequency dynamic responses by FE techniques
Arkadiusz Żak *, Marek Krawczuk, Grzegorz Redlarski, Wiktor Waszkowiak
Methods of simulation investigations of non-linear vibrations in the steering system of a motorcycle
Dariusz Żardecki *, Andrzej Dębowski